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A bathroom's aesthetics and functionality rely on a few key fixtures, and the sink is one of them. If you're taking on a home or bathroom remodel, you're likely deciding which bathroom sink would fit best with the vision for your bathroom. 

Take a look at the wide range of sink types and features we offer at Seconds & Surplus.

Types of Sinks

Each type of bathroom sink comes with unique qualities that could work better for your bathroom compared to others. Here are some common types you'll encounter when you start shopping.


You install undermount bathroom sinks underneath the surrounds instead of over the top. The resulting look is sink edges that blend seamlessly into the counter. 

These sinks are popular in kitchens, as they keep small bits of debris or food from getting caught between the sink and counter. But they're equally helpful in bathrooms for the same reason. Undermount sinks also offer high durability. You'll likely install an undermount bathroom sink and enjoy it for years if you keep it in good condition. 

They're also easy to clean and fantastic if you need to save space, making them an excellent choice for larger families who can use all the help they can get to keep the bathroom spotless.


Drop-in bathroom sinks are the opposite of undermount sinks; you install them from the top. These are common in bathrooms for many reasons, with a key factor being that they're generally more budget-friendly than other choices. 

Additionally, drop-in sinks pick up steam with DIYers since they're much easier to install than many other sink options. While you’ll need to keep an eye on the sections between the countertop and the sink to prevent small bits from slipping through the cracks, these sinks are still simple to keep clean.


Vessel sinks throw out the handbook that drop-in and undermount sinks write; these bathroom sinks are all about design. Many homeowners love to install them specifically in bathrooms, as they add a unique flair to a vanity and give off a spa-like feel.

You may also want to consider vessel sinks if you want something more custom. These sinks come in multiple shapes and sizes. The many options give you much more creative control over your bathroom's final aesthetics.


Just as important as the style of the sink is the material used to create it. Some of the materials that make the most beautiful and practical bathroom sinks include:


Porcelain is the undisputed champion of bathroom fixtures. So it's no surprise that it's highly popular as a material for bathroom sinks. Porcelain's popularity also means it's easy to find sinks in multiple shapes and colors. It’s simple to maintain and goes well with many different bathroom designs.


While not as popular as their porcelain counterparts yet, glass sinks have an uncontested appeal for many reasons. They're very DIY-friendly and can be easier to install than other sinks. They resist stains and scratches, and many homeowners find them one of the best materials for painless cleaning.


The shape of your sink can transform how your bathroom looks and impact its functionality. You’ll find two major shape types when it comes to bathroom sinks: curved or square. 

Curved is an ideal option for the bathroom since it makes for a low-maintenance design. But if you're looking for a more modern look in your bathroom, you can't go wrong with a square sink. 

Sometimes the type of sink you purchase can determine which shape is the better choice. Curved may make more sense for you if you want a vessel sink, but you might prefer a square if you plan to install an undermount sink. What is most important is to opt for the sink shape that feels right to you!

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