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When you think of the gold standard for bathrooms, you likely think of porcelain. It's beautiful, durable, and goes well with any style. 

A bathroom sink is an integral part of everyday life, so it's essential that you choose a well-made sink. That’s why we offer a range of high-quality, versatile porcelain bath sinks at Seconds & Surplus. Here is everything you need to know about this timeless addition to your bathroom.

What Is Porcelain?

Porcelain is a unique type of clay that you bake in a kiln at high temperatures. Under extreme heat, the clay becomes less dense and porous, making it perfect for applications involving water, like sinks. Porcelain is also the hardest clay available, so other similar options can't outmatch its durability. 

A well-kept porcelain sink can last anywhere from 50 to 100 years before you'd have to worry about replacing it, which makes it a particularly attractive investment for homeowners looking for a long-term investment in their bathroom renovation. 

Maintenance for Porcelain Bathroom Sinks

Keeping your porcelain looking clean and healthy for a long time is easy. You can use all-purpose cleansers or other gentle soaps when you clean. Avoid using abrasive cleaners or vinegar, as both could damage your sink. 

Clean your sink every day for optimal sink health and cleanliness. A quick daily refresh will fight off dirt and soap scum that can cause the porcelain to deteriorate over time. 

Sink Types

Within the realm of porcelain bathroom sinks lie many different types of sinks, all with their own unique qualities and benefits. Seconds & Surplus carries many of these sinks, including undermount, vessel, and drop-in.


Undermount sinks sit below the counter, giving you a more sleek look with no edges sitting above your counter. They're easy to customize and feature a striking modern vibe, and with the sink below the counter, you benefit from more counter real estate. 

One of the primary reasons they're growing in popularity is because of how easy they are to keep clean. No lip means wiping up water and spills is a breeze.


Vessel sinks sit on top of your counter. These sinks can be an excellent choice if you aren't worried about counter space but have a smaller bathroom overall. 

Installing a vessel sink can give you more opportunities to build areas for storage compared to other sink options. Vessel sinks can also be more comfortable to use for some homeowners, and they're a lot easier to swap out for a new sink if you're someone who likes a change now and then. 

Additionally, a vessel sink is ideal if you’d like a bathroom vanity sink


Drop-in sinks are classic and have been around for centuries. These porcelain bathroom sinks are set almost inside the counter, with the rim resting on the top. This choice is excellent if you're considering going DIY, as they're easy to install and work well with various countertop materials. 

These utilitarian sinks are also incredibly budget-friendly and easy to clean. If you're more of a function-over-form kind of homeowner, the drop-in sink will likely be your best bet.

Depth and Shape Variations

One of the reasons homeowners love porcelain bathroom sinks is their versatility. You can mix and match other elements, like lavatory faucets and vanities, to create something uniquely yours. With so many variations of this timeless design available, there's bound to be a sink that matches your aesthetic. 

Because of how porcelain is molded and baked, it's relatively easy to find unique or specific sink shapes. The more traditional shapes are round or oval, but square or rectangular sinks are becoming increasingly popular because of their more streamlined looks and ability to provide more counter space. 

You will also find a lot of variation in sink depth with porcelain sinks. Some porcelain sinks are shallow and meant chiefly for washing your hands, while others can get almost a foot deep to make them suitable for various applications. 

Get Your Modern Bathroom Sink from Seconds & Surplus

No matter what aesthetic you’re going for in your bathroom, a porcelain bath sink can be an elegant, timeless addition that can last a lifetime. 

Seconds & Surplus offers top-notch porcelain bathroom sinks in the DFW area. We also provide nationwide shipping for many of our products. Visit us online or at one of our Texas warehouses today!