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When it comes to decorating your home, the possibilities are endless. But no matter what look you're trying to achieve, we can help make it a reality. At Seconds & Surplus, we believe in providing high-quality products, and our home decor is no exception. 

Our selection of home decor accessories will help add a layer of warmth, depth, and personalization to make your home uniquely yours.  

Wall Mirrors

Wall mirrors are one of those home decor items that serve multiple purposes. On the surface, they're a functional fixture that makes it easy to make sure you're looking sharp at any given moment. But they can also help create the illusion of more space when strategically placed in small areas. 

We offer a wide selection of wall mirrors in every shape and size. So no matter what room you're shopping for, we have a mirror to help tie it together. 

House Accessories

Let us help you accessorize your modern home with decorative objects, upgraded hardware, and sleek furniture. Whether you're just looking for a few decorative items to use as attractive living room accessories or furnishings to help fill out an empty game room, you'll find it in our product lineup. 

We also offer a variety of unique barn door handles to help you take the doorways in your home to the next level. 


Furniture is a must-have in any living area. But most big box stores charge an arm and a leg for living room sets. 

At Seconds & Surplus, we can help you save on furniture without sacrificing quality or style. We offer everything you could need to furnish a shared living space in your house, including comfy couches and lounge chairs, as well as modern coffee tables.  


Wall art decor is a great way to add a splash of color and whimsy to any room in your home. Art prints provide an easy avenue for covering blank wall space with minimal effort and cost. Wall art can also lend an upscale feel that helps elevate otherwise dull areas. 

Whether you're interested in scenic landscapes, silly animals, or abstract masterpieces, we are proud to provide a wide variety of wall art to appeal to every sensibility. 


Lighting plays a vital role in the functionality and atmosphere of every room in your home. It's a good idea to create multiple layers of lighting throughout each room, so you have the proper amount of light to suit any activity or ambience. 

Ideally, each room should have two to four layers of lighting. However, at the very least, each room should have ambient lighting and task lighting. 

Home Lighting

When picking out lighting fixtures for your home, always start with ambient lighting. Ambient lighting illuminates the entire area and provides a bright baseline whenever you flip the light switch. Ambient home lighting is most commonly provided by ceiling-mounted overhead lights. 

Build onto ambient lighting with floor lamps and downlights to create task and mood lighting.

Outdoor Lighting

Ambient outdoor lighting is just as important as indoor ambient lighting. Adequate outdoor lighting provides an additional layer of safety and allows you to stretch cookouts and parties beyond the normal daylight hours.  

Decorative Lighting 

Decorative lighting is meant to enhance the appearance of an area, which is what we do best. We offer a wide selection of pendants, sconces, and other wall-mounted fixtures to elevate any room of your home, including hallways and walkways. 

No matter what interior design style you prefer, we have lighting fixtures that will complement your existing decor. 

Stock Up on Home Decor Online and In-Person

At Seconds & Surplus, our home decor surplus allows us to pass the savings on to you. Whether you're shopping in-person or online, you can expect to find high-quality and affordable home decor options. 

You can order most of our lighting fixtures, furniture, and accessories from anywhere in the nation and have them delivered to your doorstep. To find the right wall art and mirrors for your home, you can visit one of our local warehouses in Dallas, Richardson, Grand Prairie, or Lewisville. 

Explore our online shop to get started on your design dream today.