Full Enclosure Shower Doors

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Shower enclosures or stalls are connected panels that surround your shower to stop water from leaking out all over the rest of your bathroom. They’re also an excellent way to make a big impact during a bathroom update. Learn more about the selection of shower stalls and enclosures at Seconds & Surplus!

Benefits of Glass Enclosures

Seconds & Surplus carries glass enclosures for showers. And there’s a reason we offer this type of enclosure: It has multiple benefits compared to other materials available.

First, glass showers are very easy to clean. Cleaning a shower is no small task, so finding an enclosure that requires little maintenance can be an enormous time-saver every time you knock out your weekend chores. 

Tempered glass also protects from cracks or scratches, and you can even coat the enclosure in a material that staves off water or soap stains to make maintenance even more straightforward.

Including a glass fixture in your bathroom is an instant way to bump up the elegance factor. Glass shower enclosures match well with most bathroom styles but are exceedingly beautiful in contemporary bathrooms. Your very own walk-in shower will make a statement in any bathroom remodel, and some are even relatively DIY-friendly.

One of the more surprising features of glass enclosures is that they can make your bathroom a safer space. Slippery floors can be hazardous, especially in homes with older adults or young children. 

Watertight glass enclosures can help make the rest of your bathroom drier and safer. In this way, they could help prevent accidents — a benefit many don’t think of until they’ve struggled with slippery floors from an enclosure made of different materials.


Different homes prioritize the size of the bathrooms differently. In some, the bathroom is a lavish palace; in others, efficiency is essential. 

Seconds & Surplus carries multiple sizes that can accommodate all bathrooms. Some shower stalls are available in standard sizes, like 48" or 60". But if you’re looking for something outside the beaten path, choose from larger models that range up to 72".

While many of our enclosures have a similar rectangular shape, we offer rounded options to help you use your space as best as possible or add a unique flair to your bathroom. These round shower enclosures are 36" and come in chrome or stainless steel finishes.


A glass enclosure will match nearly any bathroom style, but some finishes will look better in your space than others. Choose between our variety of finishes, including chrome for a beautifully polished look or stainless steel for something timeless.

Chrome’s claim to fame is its reflective finish that makes rooms pop with brilliance. The surface interacts with lighting, making any space feel fresh and new. It also has much more to offer than its good looks — chrome is easy to clean and durable, which is great news for any homeowner. 

Stainless steel is similar to chrome in that it looks fantastic, but many homeowners also appreciate its functionality. This material is corrosion-resistant and can resist bacterial growth. These properties are useful in bathrooms since humidity can make mold and bacterial growth run rampant. 

Whichever finish you pick, you can rest assured that you’ll love how shower enclosures from Seconds & Surplus look in your updated bathroom.

Find Your Fitting Full Shower Enclosure at Seconds & Surplus

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