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The functionality of the bathroom just wouldn’t be the same without bathroom vanities. Not only have they become essential, but they’ve also become the focal point of bathroom spaces. Getting the right one is crucial. 

Even if you don’t consider yourself a savvy interior designer, selecting a beautiful vanity for looks and functionality is easy when armed with helpful information. You’ll need to consider size, material, shape, and cost as the main factors when choosing.

Vanity Types and Sizes

Vanities are available in all sizes, from small and medium to large and extra large. There generally isn’t too much difference in the height of vanities, as they’re generally countertop height (about 34 inches). Still, the depths vary a bit, and much more significantly, their widths do.

  • Small vanities are 30 inches wide or less
  • Medium vanities are 31-37 inches wide
  • Large vanities are 38-49 inches wide
  • Extra-large vanities are 50-74 inches wide

If you have dual sinks, you’ll either need to have two separate vanities or one extra-large one. Regardless of which you choose, your final choice should be proportional to the size of your bathroom.

Vanities are available in various style types, from contemporary “floating” ones that mount to a wall to traditional freestanding pedestal-style vanities. Some sit flush to the floor, and others have feet. Regardless of which option you choose, ensure the style you choose matches that of your bathroom space.

What Size Vanity Will Work for Your Bathroom?

Generally speaking, large bathrooms need large vanities, or they’ll look out of place. If you worry about a large vanity looking too bulky, choose a wall-mounted vanity that “floats.” If you’re hoping to have dual sinks and a double-sink vanity, you need at least 60 inches of space. If your bathroom is very small, consider a corner vanity.

Be aware of surrounding fixtures and ensure your vanity doors will have enough space to open and close (and soft-close drawers are a plus). Also, keep your sink in mind; a bigger sink may mean you will have less vanity counter space, and you may want to adjust your vanity’s width accordingly.

Materials and Finishes for Furniture Vanities

What’s the best material for bathroom vanities? Wood vanities are excellent if you want a long-lasting, natural furniture piece. However, they must have a protective layer over them to resist moisture and prevent warping. 

Medium-density fiberboard, or MDF, is a cheaper, more durable option because it has a laminate covering for easy, water-resistant cleaning.

Glass sink stands are ideal for very small spaces, especially if you want a traditional, timeless design. Particleboard and plywood are budget-friendly options but are not as durable as others. 

The most popular options for vanity materials are oak or maple wood with laminate interiors and painted or coated exteriors. Finish colors can include natural, navy, white, gray, blue, espresso, or anything else. Light colors and finishes will make the bathroom space appear bigger and brighter, while darker tones will cozy up a space nicely.

Bathroom Vanity Sets and Bases

We carry a large selection of vanity sets and vanity bases. Which do you need?

Our bathroom vanity sets include the bottom portion with the storage cabinets and drawers and the top counter that houses the sink(s). Vanity bases are the bottom base portion that houses the drawers and cabinet space. There is no top included.

If you already have a vanity countertop you’ve fallen in love with, you can find a gorgeous vanity base to match it. However, if you don’t have a top already, you may want to shop for vanity sets with the top and bottom included. Either way, you must ensure the top you end up with will accommodate your sink!

Shop Our Bathroom Vanities Online

Whether you want a floating wall-mount vanity for dual bathroom sinks or a narrow vanity that makes the most of a small space, you’ll find the best selection of bathroom vanity sets right here. We’re proud of our reputation for offering superior affordable products at discount pricing without sacrificing beauty or quality.

We only offer bathroom furniture vanities made of the highest quality materials by the biggest names in manufacturing. If you’re searching for the perfect vanity set, you’ve come to the right place. Check out our reviews and shop for your new vanity today!