Leedo Unfinished Oak Cabinets

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There are many types of flat panel cabinets on the market today; traditional styles feature simple hardware and clean lines on the drawer fronts, and modern styles use a bit more intricate design and detail elements. 

The Leedo door style is a true traditional flat panel style that is characterized by simple door shapes, clean limited lines, and discreet hardware (if any). Leedo kitchen cabinets are popular because of their elegantly understated style, which is also very versatile. 

You can use these flat panel cabinets in any style of kitchen, from contemporary to farmhouse and everything in between. Leedo cabinets are available at Seconds & Surplus for unbeatable prices, and we ship nationwide.

Leedo Base Cabinets

Leedo base cabinets come in various sizes and are designed to have a countertop or sink installed with them. These cabinets are typically used as storage in kitchens and cook nooks of all sizes. 

Base cabinets are not typically freestanding but instead are installed backed against a wall (with the exception of island cabinets). Since base cabinets don’t have a top, you can customize the top that suits your style. Drop-in sinks are easy to install with flat panel kitchen cabinets.

Style variations include hanging rails on the sides of drawer bases and the back for shelving. Hinges are hidden, and interiors have matching patterns. Some of our base cabinets feature half-depth shelves for easy accessibility. 

Leedo Kitchen Wall Cabinets

Our Leedo wall cabinets are available in an enormous variety of sizes and are designed to be hung above sinks and countertops in the kitchen. They can be installed at any height but are typically hung either directly below the ceiling or within 12″ of it, depending on the room’s ceiling height.

At Seconds & Surplus, we have Leedo oak cabinets to fill every space in your pantry or kitchen, including wall cabinets and corner cabinets. 

Wall cabinets are versatile for many reasons — one is that they can be purchased individually according to the spaces you need to fill. If you need to replace only one of your flat panel cabinets, you can do that instead of replacing the entire wall cabinet.

Utility Cabinets

Leedo utility and pantry cabinets are typically larger than those designed for the kitchen and are much more narrow. They are tall enough to function as both an upper and lower cabinet together, so they won’t be found with a counter or sink in between.

Our utility cabinets are made of solid wood and are full overlay cabinets. The shelf kits for these are sold separately for superior customization options. Our tall utility wood cabinets are made in the USA with six-way adjustable hidden hinges.


The most important accessories for your new Leedo cabinets include the following:

  • Shelf kits
  • Base wall fillers
  • Various panels
  • Moulding
  • Hinges and hardware

We have everything you need for custom cabinets for much less than you’d expect. If you want a certain moulding, we have it! If you’re looking for soft-close panel doors, we have those, too.

Order Leedo Oak Cabinets Online or In Person

We stock our cabinets at our Grand Prairie, Dallas, Richardson, Lewisville, and North Richland Hills warehouses. You can have wall and base cabinets shipped nationwide! (Moulding and utility cabinets are store pick-up only). You can also order online and pick up your order at one of our locations or visit us at our warehouses if you prefer. 

Whether you’re a professional craftsman or one of the many homeowners who shop with us, Seconds & Surplus is happy to help with all your cabinet needs.