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Entry doors play an essential part in your home’s exterior. They can tell a story about your design aesthetic and enhance your home’s energy efficiency. No exterior doors demonstrate this truth better than wood doors with side lights.

Your front door makes a strong first impression when visitors come to your home, so why not make it a positive one with a front door with side lights from Seconds & Surplus? Review the details of these doors and discover why Texas homeowners will enjoy incorporating them into their home’s design.

What Are Wood Doors With Side Lights?

Average wood doors hardly compare to doors with side lights. These have all of the charm of natural wood doors with different glass options, but they also include two panels of beautiful wood and glass on the side.

The side lights can flood your entryway with light and add a distinguished, unique character to the exterior of your home. They’ll instantly add more curb appeal, and prospective homeowners will love seeing them if you decide to put your home up for sale. 

These doors are classic and elegant, but most pair well with various aesthetics, including a more modern style.

More About Triple Wood Doors

These unique doors have many more benefits that aren’t as noticeable at first glance. One is that a solid wood door offers fantastic security. Side lights provide some much-needed light for your entrance, while the solid wood still prioritizes your family’s safety and protection. 

Triple wood doors in Texas are growing in popularity, so you’ll have a large pool of options to choose from that match any style of home. 

The selections we offer at Seconds & Surplus match well with contemporary homes, giving them that extra luxury and architectural interest that makes this style so attractive. And the natural beauty of mahogany with our high-quality glass is hard to beat.

Wood Doors With Side Lights From Seconds & Surplus

The doors you’ll find in this category at Seconds & Surplus are some of the best of their kind. All of our triple wood doors in Texas are made of stunning mahogany wood.

Mahogany is exceptionally durable and doesn’t warp with time, making it an excellent candidate for an exterior door. It can also block sound better than other materials, both from inside and outside your home.

We also carry doors with different glass options, including frosted, clear, or Flemish glass. 

Frosted glass can give you an even more substantial insulation barrier, increasing your home’s energy efficiency. The frosted look also lets more light in without sacrificing your privacy.

Clear glass will give your entryway a natural, airy feel and draw in the most natural light possible. Flemish glass is more similar to frosted glass in providing privacy while still allowing light in. However, it’s much more ornate and decorative, putting a door with this glass in a different style category than the other glass options.

Our doors come in both right- or left-handed inswings to account for our customers’ preferences, and all doors come prehung. A prehung door is ideal for the DIY-savvy homeowner who wants a straightforward installation. You won’t have to worry about balancing the door or installing any hinges — you’ll pick it up from us, ready to go. 

You’ll also notice that measurements are the same across all items, so comparing them and ensuring you purchase the correct size is simple.

The Most Beautiful Home Exteriors Start With Seconds & Surplus

There’s no better way to improve the outside of your home and its curb appeal than with a new front door. Our special wood doors with side lights will also improve your home’s interior, bringing more natural light into your entryway. They’re gorgeous and durable investments that don’t have complex installations, so anyone can easily pick one up and replace their current front door.

Shop for your new triple wood doors in one of our DFW warehouses. You can also shop online for in-store pickup at a Texas location. Find the best ways to beautify your home at Seconds & Surplus — and see what we have in store today!