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Seconds & Surplus offers a wide variety of single-wood front doors to help you update or complete your home. The right front door will help boost your home’s curb appeal, enhance its security, and add a touch of irresistible character.

Learn more about our exterior doors and how they can enrich any home.

Mahogany Single-Wood Front Doors

Mahogany is the most popular wood for exterior doors, thanks to its strength, durability, and fine grain pattern. It’s typically a light tan or brown in color and can be easily worked to create a door of any style. 

We sell a wide range of unfinished mahogany doors that use glass panes in distinctive patterns. If you want to choose a finish and apply it yourself, these doors allow you to take on that project. 

You can choose any single exterior door style and match it with your preferred finish. Since mahogany features a tight, straight grain formation, any finish will bring out the wood’s natural beauty. Alternatively, you can apply a clear finish for a more traditional look.

To introduce more light into your home without sacrificing security, choose a door with glass panes set in the top portion. You could also select a windowless single-entry door with six wood panels. The latter option creates an attractive appearance while helping you maintain security and privacy.

If your concerns include adding character and admitting more natural light, Seconds & Surplus has doors to meet those needs as well.

While we sell doors that feature clear glass panes, you can also find doors with Flemish glass. These options provide greater sunlight access while helping you maintain privacy inside your home. 

Choose doors with three horizontal or vertical panes of glass or six panes that form two columns of windows. Each door uses different dimensions for the window panes, so you can pick narrow or broad panes. 

Along with style, we address functionality with our left or right inswing options.

Looking for a Darker Single-Wood Door?

It’s possible to enjoy the strength and durability of mahogany while going with a darker color.

We sell doors that use similar styles yet feature a lush, dark brown honey finish. These doors come with satin glass in four rectangular panes, providing maximum sunlight exposure without compromising privacy. The honey finish is available with both right and left inswing options.

Choose the Russet Finish for Distinguished Appeal

While our russet finish is dark, it’s not quite as deep as the honey finish. If you want a brown hue with hints of a lighter wood shade, this is the option for you.

Doors with the russet finish are available with six glass panes and a lower wood panel. You can choose between Flemish or clear glass depending on your preferences for visibility, privacy, and light accessibility.

Want to Ditch the Brown? Consider Sable Single-Wood Front Doors

Some people find brown too common a color despite its many shades. If you’re among them, you might opt for a door with a sable finish. Sable is best described as a faded black or a dark, smoky gray color.

These doors come with four evenly spaced rectangular glass panes. You can select Fleming or clear glass when designing your exterior door.

As with the other doors mentioned here, this door is available with the right or left inswing design.

Smoke Finish Offers Another Alternative to Brown 

If you like the darker tone of sable but aren’t sold on the design, you also have the option of browsing doors our selection of doors with a smoke finish, which is very close to sable’s black hue, only slightly lighter in tone.

These doors come with six glass panes and a lower wood panel, and you can choose between Flemish and clear glass. Right and left inswings are also available with these single-wood front doors.

Find Your Home’s New Exterior Door

Our online store makes your exterior door search easy. You can search by style, wood type, size, or cost, meaning you’re guaranteed to find something that suits your budget and sensibilities.

If you need any help or have questions about buying one of our doors, contact Seconds & Surplus today. We’ll help you pick out the perfect door for your home.