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French or hinged patio doors are one of the most beautiful and recognizable choices for patio doors. They're a staple of home design that never fails to find its way into Dallas homeowners' hearts. 

Seconds & Surplus proudly provides a range of high-quality French patio doors we believe you’re sure to love. Here is what you need to know about our doors and why they're a top pick for the savvy homeowner.

What's to Love About French Doors?

Well-crafted double French patio doors come with a variety of benefits. 

For instance, they're easily the best option if you're interested in getting more light into your home. The openness of the clear glass panels also allows you to see outside into your landscape or backyard. Additionally, this door type can make your home feel much larger and provide more cohesive flow between the exterior and interior spaces.

French doors also offer another valuable resource for homeowners: an option for ventilation. Dallas residents can enjoy a gorgeous Texas day by opening their doors and letting fresh air sweep over their homes. 

And the extra light coming in during the day can often save you money on electricity, since you won't need to turn lights on as frequently. French double doors will feel like the perfect match for the homeowner shopping for a door style that could save you some money on utilities.

Our DFW warehouses' double French patio doors also come in a simple white finish. This finish can be a classic, streamlined look to complement your home or a canvas you can paint on to make your new door your own. 

The Homeowner's Guide to Double French Doors

If you're considering adding double French patio doors to your remodel, know you're making an excellent investment for the value and comfort of your home. 

These doors also make a fantastic replacement for sliding glass doors. While sliding glass doors have their own benefits, they also require a lot of cleaning and maintenance without adding much to your home's aesthetic. French double doors give you the best of both worlds: plenty of light and a classic look.

Finding a suitable style is key. Many designs have incredible form and function, but with all of the exciting choices, narrowing them down will be your top priority. Some doors will have blinds or weatherstripping, while others will feature open glass to make the most of a sunny day in the DFW area.

The best approach to finding the right door for your home is deciding which features you'd benefit from the most. Another great reason to buy double French doors is the wide variety, so choosing a style that fits you is easy. 

Ask yourself about how much natural light you'd like to bring in, how much DIY work you're willing to do, and which paneling is most appealing to you. You can use our search function to highlight the best products that fit your needs!

Why Fiberglass Is Perfect for Patio Doors

The double French patio doors at Seconds & Surplus are all made of fiberglass — and for good reason. Fiberglass is exceedingly durable compared to other materials. It holds up against wind and moisture, can't become an accidental haven for pests, and is great for keeping outside noises where they belong — outside.

Fiberglass also has more longevity and energy efficiency. Additionally, fiberglass doesn't fog up as vinyl French door windows can. 

Find the Perfect French Doors at Seconds & Surplus

When you're ready to rethink your patio doors, we're ready to help you find the French doors of your dreams. Seconds & Surplus carries high-quality double French patio doors to suit any home. 

Our selection features full-view window options that will make your home bold and bright, along with full-blind windows that can provide plenty of privacy whenever you need it. 

Visit one of our four warehouse locations in Dallas, Grand Prairie, Richardson, or Lewisville. If you find what you're looking for online and live in Texas, we also typically ship within the state. Find the French doors that are the right fit for you today!