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As a central part of your bathroom, your bathtub is a major component of your home decor. And if you’ve just run a search for “bathtubs for sale near me,” you’ve probably found that there are many more types of bathtubs than you imagined!

Choosing Your Bathtub Style 

Once you’ve searched for “bathtubs near me,” the next step is choosing your preferred style. Here are a few of the main ones commonly found in bathtub stores:

Freestanding Bathtubs

As the name suggests, freestanding tubs stand completely on their own, and they can easily become a focal point of your bathroom. Many of these bathroom tubs are enameled cast iron, although they can be found in other materials as well.

Drop-In Bathtubs

These tubs usually consist of acrylic bathtub shells that are dropped into “surrounds” or specialized decks. Surrounds are typically made of wood, stone, or tile. Drop-in bathtubs are a bit complex to install, but they’re great for creating a modern look.

Skirted Bathtubs 

These bathtubs are a little different from drop-in tubs. A skirted bathtub has a finished side that extends the length of the tub. The side can be flat or bowed. It offers some visual interest while also giving you a place to sit. These tubs are usually anchored to a wall, so they’re a great space-saving option.

Other Important Considerations

Once you’ve chosen and installed a bathtub, you’ll need to complete your bathroom’s decoration scheme. Maybe you already have something in mind, or maybe you’re simply planning to design the room around your bathtub. Regardless of your plan, here are a few important things to consider.

What Faucet Type Will Complete Your Design? 

The type of faucet you choose is an important part of bathroom design. The right faucet will keep your design scheme cohesive and add visual interest. Here are a few of the main types of faucets used for bathtubs. 

Freestanding or Floor-Mounted

If you want maximum flexibility, go with a freestanding faucet (also called a floor-mounted faucet). As the name suggests, these faucets reach through the floor rather than the wall. Whether you place your tub against a wall or in the middle of your bathroom, you can place a freestanding faucet right next to it!


Wall-mounted faucets are attached to one of the walls adjacent to your tub, so they’re common with alcove tubs or tubs installed close to walls. However, you can only use this faucet type if you plan to install a tub next to a wall. Wall-mounted faucets tend to be difficult to repair.


If you’re looking for an affordable option, deck-mounted faucets are ideal. They’re mounted on the deck surrounding the tub. They are also easier to install and repair. Because they are so common, you can find them in a huge range of designs and finishes.


Roman tub faucets are a specific type of deck-mounted design. They’re ideal for anyone seeking a sleek, elegant design. Roman faucets have a distinctive arch in the faucet head, so they can easily fill up your tub basin without getting in the way.

Of course, like other deck-mounted faucets, Roman faucets aren’t compatible with every bathtub type. You’ll need a drop-in bathtub or another type of tub that includes a deck.

What Other Accessories Will You Need to Complete the Installation? 

While your bathtub and faucet are key parts of your bathroom design, coordinated bathroom accessories like robe hooks and towel racks are essential for completing the look. With different finishes like polished chrome, satin nickel, and antique bronze, there’s something to suit every aesthetic.

At Seconds and Surplus, we’re proud to offer bathtubs and a large selection of quality bathroom accessories at affordable prices. Find yours today!