Ceramic Tile

When it comes to flooring options, ceramic tile is often a top choice for many homeowners. That’s because it’s hard to beat the beauty and durability that ceramic tile provides. Whether you’re building a new home or renovating an existing one, ceramic tile flooring from Seconds & Surplus can help bring your vision to life.

What Is Ceramic Tile?

Ceramic tile is a type of flooring material made from clay that has been fired at high temperatures. The firing process transforms the soft, malleable, and porous clay into a hard, dense material that is ready to withstand years of use. 

In terms of budget, ceramic tile is usually seen as a middle ground between more expensive flooring options like hardwood flooring and the cheapest options, such as laminate and vinyl. 

How Is Ceramic Tile Different from Porcelain?

It’s easy to confuse ceramic and porcelain — they are both made by firing clay at extreme temperatures. However, these two similar-looking materials have subtle differences that make them unique. 

First, porcelain is made from denser clay and is fired at higher temperatures than ceramic tile. Porcelain also tends to have a more glass-like finish. On the other hand, ceramic is a little lighter and less dense. This makes it much easier to cut and install on your own. Ceramic is a popular choice for homeowners looking to DIY their floor installation. 

Since ceramic is lighter and slightly less durable than porcelain, it makes sense that it’s also more affordable. In this scenario, many homeowners find that the slight trade-off between durability and price is well worth it. 

How Durable Is Ceramic Tile? 

Despite not being quite as strong as porcelain, ceramic floor tile is still a very durable flooring option. High-quality ceramic tile is both stain-resistant and water-resistant. This makes it a great flooring choice for high-traffic areas and potentially wet or messy areas, such as kitchens and bathrooms. 

Ceramic tile can last for many decades if it is properly cared for and maintained. Homeowners may enjoy the beauty provided by ceramic tiles for 20 to 50 years or longer before they need to be replaced. 

How Do You Maintain Ceramic Tile?

Considering that maintenance is key to long-lasting tile, you’ll be happy to learn that ceramic tiles are super easy to clean and maintain. Whenever you notice dirt, dust, hair, or other debris starting to collect, simply sweep the floor to keep it looking its best. Ceramic tile also benefits from occasional mopping with a mild cleaning solution. 

It’s important to avoid using any bleach-based cleaners or other harsh chemicals to prevent stripping away the protective anti-microbial coating most ceramic tiles come with. You should also avoid abrasive cleaning tools such as steel wool and scouring pads for the same reason. 

If the grout around the tile becomes damaged or worn out, it’s important to repair it or regrout the entire space as soon as possible. 

Is Ceramic Tile Eco-Friendly? 

Ceramic tile is one of the most eco-friendly flooring options available today. It is made from natural materials that can be recycled once it reaches the end of its life. Additionally, ceramic tile does not emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which can be harmful to the environment and human health.

Ceramic Tile Color and Finish Options 

The most popular colors for ceramic floor tiles are white, tan, and other neutral and natural tones. These colors complement every design style and are easy to coordinate with your existing decor. 

Ceramic tile typically comes with either a glossy or matte finish. Glossy ceramic tile has a smooth, shiny surface that reflects light, making it a popular choice for kitchens and bathrooms. 

Matte ceramic tile has a soft, non-reflective surface that provides a more subtle and understated look. This finish is great for areas with heavy foot traffic, as it is less slippery and less prone to scratches than gloss tiles.

Elevate Your Space with High-Quality Ceramic Tile

At Seconds & Surplus, we are excited to help you elevate any room in your home with our high-quality ceramic floor tile. Whether you’re repairing broken bathroom flooring or refreshing your outdated kitchen, you can find what you need for your next home improvement project within our product catalog. 

Explore our ceramic tile selection online or in person today.