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Granite countertops are more than a stylish accent for your bathroom or a place to prep veggies in your kitchen. When chosen correctly, they’re the stars of the show. That's why so many Texas homeowners are upgrading or replacing their countertops with this beautiful natural stone. 

Stylish and Functional Countertops for Every Kitchen Design 

At Seconds & Surplus, we’re proud to carry a wide variety of granite countertops that complement every style of kitchen. Whether you want your kitchen to have a timeless feel or something distinctly modern, granite countertops can get you there. 

High-Quality, Durable Granite Bathroom Countertops 

Granite countertops instantly elevate any bathroom by adding an element of luxury and warmth. Create a striking mood by choosing a granite color that contrasts your bathroom's current color palette. For example, if your bathroom features lots of white or other light colors, go for bold black granite to draw attention. 

Benefits of Installing Granite Countertops 

Before you buy granite countertops, it's important to know what kind of benefits you can expect.

Impressive Durability and Longevity

Granite is one of the most popular countertop materials because it’s known for being extremely durable and long-lasting.

This natural stone is incredibly resistant to scratches, chips, and fading. As such, granite slabs can withstand years of heavy use and abuse in the kitchen or bathroom without compromising their integrity or showing signs of wear. 

Heat-Resistant for Easy Cooking

In addition to its durability, granite is also heat-resistant. You can place piping hot cookware directly on the countertop without worrying about scorching or damaging the surface. This is especially useful for homeowners who love to cook, as it allows them to make the most of their counter space rather than limiting them to the stove area.

Granite Counters Are Low-Maintenance

Another big benefit of opting to buy granite countertops is that they require very little maintenance and are astoundingly easy to clean.

Granite is a non-porous surface, so you don't have to worry about liquid spills and splashes soaking into the counter and harboring bacteria. It’s also naturally stain-resistant, which gives you the freedom to do just about anything on the surface. 

When it's time to clean, you can simply wipe your countertops down with a soft cloth and a combination of mild soap and warm water.

Increase Your Home's Value

Since granite countertops are highly sought-after, installing them can increase your home's value and fetch you a higher price when it hits the market. This makes our discount granite countertops a particularly smart investment for your next kitchen or bath remodel.

Factors that Affect Granite Countertop Prices 

When shopping for new countertops, you can find granite slabs going for anywhere from $300 to $1,000. This is a pretty big range that leaves many homeowners scratching their heads and wondering why.

Four main factors go into determining granite countertop prices.

Type of Granite

The first factor that affects the price is the type of granite you choose.

Most people think all granite is the same, but there are many different varieties, each with slightly different textures, colors, and patterns. As such, granite slabs in hard-to-find colors or slabs with unique swirls or veining patterns will usually cost more. 

Some popular granite colors include white, black, blue, red, green, and various combinations of each.

Slab Thickness

The thickness of the slab is another factor that can affect the price of granite countertops. Thicker slabs will be more expensive than thinner ones, but they’ll also be more durable and longer lasting.

It's important to consider how much use your countertops will get to determine which thickness best suits your needs.

Countertop Size

Size is another important factor when it comes to granite price. Larger slabs will inevitably cost more than smaller ones. For this reason, adding granite countertops in the kitchen will typically cost much more than adding a granite countertop to your bathroom vanity.

Browse Our Discount Granite Countertops In-Person 

If you're ready to find the perfect granite countertop for your bath or kitchen remodel, stop by one of our five Second & Surplus warehouses today. We have locations in Dallas, Grand Prairie, Richardson, and Lewisville.