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When shopping for new cabinets, many homeowners opt for unpainted kitchen cabinets, so they can put their own twist on their kitchen design. Perhaps you have a particular hue in mind that you can't find in stock. Or maybe you have a lively DIY streak that loves to get hands-on with home projects. 

At Seconds & Surplus, we're proud to support homeowners and contractors by providing the high-quality supplies they need to pull off their next big project, including a wide variety of unfinished kitchen cabinets. 

Unfinished Base Kitchen Cabinets 

Base kitchen cabinets support your countertops and provide crucial storage space for pots, pans, and other cookware. At Seconds & Surplus, we have many different configurations of cabinets and drawers that make it easy to tailor your kitchen to your exact needs and desires.  

Our unfinished shaker cabinets also come in many different sizes. So no matter how big or small your kitchen is, you can find the right combination of cabinets and moulding for a snug and cozy look. 

Unfinished Wall Cabinets 

Wall-mounted cabinets help you make the most of your space and can extend all the way up to the ceiling. These cabinets may wrap around your entire kitchen, or only line a single wall. Either way, they are ripe for personalization when they feature unfinished cabinet doors. 

Our unfinished wall cabinets come in every size to accommodate tricky areas, such as corners and tight spaces above kitchen fixtures.   

Unfinished Utility Cabinets 

If your home doesn't have a walk-in pantry, a tall utility cabinet is a must-have. Utility cabinets offer the most amount of storage, and unfinished varieties offer the greatest range of customization. 

Not only do you get to handpick their color, but you can also paint one section of an unfinished pantry cabinet with chalkboard paint to have a convenient, built-in method for grocery tracking.  

Unfinished Accessories

No cabinet design is complete without the appropriate accessories. We carry a wide selection of unfinished cabinet accessories, including:

  • Moulding
  • Toe kick panels 
  • End panels 
  • Wall fillers
  • Cabinet shelves 

So no matter what your kitchen floor plan looks like, our unfinished cabinets and accessories make it easy to achieve a sleek, gap-free finish. 

Maple Unfinished Cabinets

When it comes to unfinished kitchen cabinets, it's hard to beat maple cabinets. Maple is known for being extremely durable, so you don't have to worry about replacing your cabinets for a long time. 

Additionally, its light color and texture make it easy to stain and customize however you want. Other woods may force you to go darker in color than you'd like. But maple allows you to keep things light and breezy if you wish. 

Whether you're replacing a single section of cabinets and need to perfectly color match your current cabinets or you're designing a kitchen from scratch and want the cabinet color to really pop, unfinished maple cabinets are the way to go. 

Stock Up on Unpainted Cabinets Today

As a homeowner, unpainted cabinets allow you to add your own personal touch to your kitchen. Alternatively, as a contractor, unpainted cabinets can help diversify your portfolio and services. 

But whether you're a homeowner who likes to take things into their own hands or a contractor looking for the best deals on supplies, Seconds & Surplus has what you're looking for. 

Most of our unfinished cabinets are available for shipping nationwide. For some items, you have to visit us in person to buy them. Stop by one of our Texas warehouses in Dallas, Grand Prairie, Richardson, and Lewisville to shop our wide selection of unfinished cabinets today.