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French patio doors are one of the few door styles now a household name — and for good reason. These doors add balance and elegance to any Texas home. But you may be overwhelmed to find that there are so many different options to choose from. 

Deciding which door is right for you comes down to understanding your needs. When you know your budget, what size you need, and how vital insulation is to you, choosing the right door for your home is easier than you may think.

Seconds & Surplus offers a selection of top-quality French patio doors that can fit any budget or style.

What Is a Single French Patio Door?

You’ll typically see French doors available as either doubles or singles. Single doors are just what they sound like — a one-hinged panel. But to be considered a French patio door, the door needs to have glass panes. 

These panes can be small or large, and many doors will also feature ways to incorporate blinds for built-in privacy. French patio doors are one of the best choices for exterior patio doors if you want natural light or an attractive accent to the room adjacent to your patio. 

What Are the Benefits of a Single French Patio Door?

French doors are fantastic for energy efficiency and improving airflow in your home. The door acts like another window, providing easy access to precious sunlight. 

Depending on the door, you may get enough natural light to save a considerable amount on electricity. And if you want to air out your home or adjust the temperature naturally, installing a patio door is an excellent way to achieve this.

Aesthetics is one of the most common reasons Texas homeowners opt for single French patio doors. The look of a French door can instantly elevate even the most simplistic rooms, and the light they bring in can give your home a completely new feeling. 

And since they’re well-loved by so many homeowners, investing in a French patio door is a wise investment, should you decide to sell your home in the future.

Single French Patio Doors from Seconds & Surplus

Our high-quality doors set the standard for single French patio doors in the DFW area. Every door comes prehung, so installing your door is as simple as shopping for it with us. We offer right-hand and left-hand inswing, along with multiple privacy options for your windows, like full view, full blind, or half-blind. 

The Seconds & Surplus French door styles are versatile, offering flexibility for your design. And our entire selection of French patio doors is made of fiberglass. 

Why Choose Fiberglass for a Single Patio Door?

While wood is a common material for interior doors, exterior doors have different requirements. You need something more durable to deal with environmental hazards without breaking down. That’s why fiberglass is one of the best materials for patio doors.

Fiberglass can resist moisture better than most other materials and is more resilient against wind or pest damage. They’ll also never rust, warp, or rot, so they’re a wise investment that doesn’t require much oversight — you can install it and move on.

Additionally, this material adds to the French door’s innate energy efficiency, but in a different way. Some homeowners worry that, although they’re great for adding light, some French doors aren’t as effective at insulating a home as other door types. 

Fiberglass takes care of this issue. These doors are nearly four times better at insulating a home than wooden ones.

And since they’re made from such a heavy-duty material, fiberglass French doors also give you some security and peace of mind. Knowing that you won’t have to worry about something small breaking your door and leaving your home vulnerable is worth every penny.

Find Your High-Quality Patio Door at Seconds & Surplus

If you’re one of the many homeowners eyeing single French patio doors, then look no further than Seconds & Surplus. We carry the highest quality patio doors in DFW. 

Visit any of our four locations in and around the Dallas-Forth Worth area to get your prehung door the same day, or shop online, and we’ll have your order ready whenever you are. We also offer statewide shipping and nationwide shipping for certain products. Find the perfect patio door for you from Seconds & Surplus today!