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Some of the most stunning focal points of the world’s most beautiful bathrooms are the large bathroom vanity sets in them. While the idea of having a beautiful large new vanity is exciting, shopping for one can initially seem overwhelming. 

What should you look for in a vanity? How do you know which is the right one for your space? At Seconds & Surplus, we’re committed to making your experience shopping for a large single-sink vanity rewarding and easy. 

Large Bathroom Vanity Widths and Sizes

The size range of these vanities separates them from others more than the style, materials, or colors do. Furthermore, the biggest difference between big vanities and smaller ones isn’t the depth or height but the width. 

Big vanities have widths that typically fall between 38 and 49 inches wide. This range is significantly more than those of small or medium vanities. While it’s ideal for providing ample counter space on either side of the sink, it’s usually not quite enough to house double sinks. 

If you have dual sinks in your bathroom, most experts advise that you have a vanity with a width of at least 60 inches. Bathroom vanities this wide (and wider) are in the extra-large vanity category.

With 38-49 inches of space on which a sink, accessories, and fixtures must be installed, there’s plenty of room for most people’s liking to spread out and enjoy ample counter space. 

One of the biggest perks of large vanities is their impressive width; they’re big enough to become the focal point of a space without having it so big that it overtakes everything. Many people consider it the perfect width!

Colors and Finishes of Large Single Sink Vanity Sets

It’s no surprise to say that trends in home decor come and go, but the trends in bathroom vanities are here to stay. These include trends in the most popular and best colors and finishes for vanities. The most popular colors year after year for large bathroom vanities include:

  • Sage
  • White
  • Gray
  • Navy
  • Espresso

Many large vanity sets offer a combination of two popular colors, one for the base and one for the top. Some popular color combinations include an espresso base with a white top, a sage base with a white top, and a white base with a gray top.

If your bathroom is small, and you’re concerned about a vanity making it look even smaller, choose light colors for the top and base. If you have a large bathroom and want to draw it in to make it seem to be more inviting, darker colors for the top and base will suit your needs perfectly.

Large Bathroom Vanity Style Options

The style and presentation of your new vanity are important. These pieces are large enough to become the center of attention in your bathroom. Therefore, you need to ensure the style of the one you choose is nothing short of perfect. 

If your bathroom is modern, choose a vanity that is contemporary with clean lines and a simple design. Traditional bathroom decor calls for more ornate or elaborate vanities. 

However, the beauty of today’s styles is that they are ideal for any and all design trends and themes, and we have the most affordable surplus options ready for you! Versatility and flexibility are not in short supply at Seconds & Surplus.

If you are worried that a large bathroom vanity will make your bathroom seem too small, look for a style that offers open spaces in its design instead of completely closed off with drawers and doors. The open spaces underneath the top give the illusion that the room is larger than it actually is.

On the other hand, if you have a very large bathroom, and your goal is to make it feel more cozy and warm, choose a large bathroom vanity that is closed off with a full set of doors and drawers.

A Note About Sinks

Pay attention to the sink (and even the faucet) that you will install on the vanity top. Do you have an undermount sink? What kind of faucet do you have? While you might be shopping for a vanity to fit a sink and faucet that you already have and love, many people shop for large bathroom vanities first, then find a sink and faucet to go with it. 

Either way, make sure you choose the appropriate size, shape, and style of sink to fit your vanity top!

Shop Large Bathroom Vanity Sets Online

If you’re looking for surplus bathroom vanities online to add style to your bathroom without costing a fortune, look no further! At Seconds & Surplus, we offer the best selection of vanities and can ship them right to you, no matter where in the country you may be. 

We also stock our warehouse locations in Richardson, Dallas, Grand Prairie, and Lewisville with plenty of inventory, so you can visit us there at one of our locations. Browse our large selection of large single-sink vanity sets and order yours today.