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Moulding is extremely helpful for covering up gaps and imperfections and adding a decorative flair to a space. At Seconds & Surplus, we take pride in providing the best building materials in the area, and our moulding is no exception. 

Whether you're replacing worn-out baseboards or putting the finishing touches on a new construction home, we can help you stock up on all the moulding supplies you need. Keep reading to learn about the various types of moulding we provide for Texas homeowners. 

Base Moulding 

Base moulding, or baseboard trim, is the trim that runs along the bottom of your walls. Baseboards cover gaps between the flooring and wall and create a cohesive transition from floor to wall. 

Baseboards are often paired with other types of moulding, such as shoe and quarter round, for additional protection and decoration. 

Crown Moulding 

Crown moulding, or coving, is similar to base moulding, except it creates a smooth transition from wall to ceiling. This is great for hiding any rough seams or gaps. Coving is also commonly used purely decoratively to add a little more sophistication to an area. 

Crown moulding is typically used in areas like the dining room, entertainment room, or kitchen. But it can be used throughout your home to create a cohesive yet elegant transition from room to room. 

Crown moulding comes in many different styles, from simple and understated to ornate and attention-grabbing. This means there's crown moulding to complement any style of home. 


Casing is most often used around doors and windows to conceal gaps between the door frame and the wall and help create an airtight seal. Casing creates a more visually-pleasing appearance and can blend in or stand out, depending on what you want. 

For example, basic white moulding blends into almost any space and doesn't distract from the rest of your interior design. On the other hand, you can make your door and window moulding stand out by painting them an accent color present throughout your home. 

Additionally, you can strategically pick the color and style of window moulding to create interesting frames around the natural views from your window.  

Quarter Round Moulding

Even though baseboards are meant to cover up gaps between the walls and floor, sometimes there are gaps between the baseboards and floors. Quarter-round moulding easily conceals these gaps and other blemishes.

Quarter round moulding is a long, thin piece of trim that – as its name suggests – looks exactly like a quarter of a long cylinder. 

Its rounded edge creates a smooth and sleek design that many people prefer over a blunt transition from baseboard to carpet. 

Shoe Moulding

Like quarter-round, shoe moulding is used to cover up gaps and imperfections where the baseboards meet the floor. However, instead of a rounded edge, shoe moulding comes in several different styles and is taller than quarter-round moulding. 

S4S Moulding 

S4S moulding refers to moulding that has been smoothed and finished on four sides. This type of moulding is very versatile and has many applications, including decorative trim around cabinets. 

Where to Get the Best Moulding in Texas

At Seconds & Surplus, we know how important it is to love every little detail about your home. And a home without moulding just doesn't look complete. 

That's why we stock our five warehouses with the best moulding in Texas and staff them with some of the friendliest and most helpful experts you'll meet. Stop by or give us a call today to find the perfect trim for your next project.