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Seconds & Surplus sells wood doors in a variety of styles to complement any home. We can help you replace your home’s exterior doors with high-quality options that suit your needs.

The following overview will tell you more about the types and styles of wood doors we offer so you can make an informed decision before installing a new exterior door.

Types of Wood Used in Making Doors

We offer exterior wood doors for sale near Dallas that have been finely crafted from several different species of wood. Each style offers something different in terms of durability, appearance, and security.

By reviewing the features of each type of wood, you can choose a better wood for your home’s exterior door.


This type of wood is composed of closely bound grains, making it more durable and longer-lasting. Even in humid climates, mahogany wood stands up against heat and moisture. You can also extend the lifetime of the wood with a good sealant. The wood has a light brown color.

Knotty Alder

Many cabins and Mediterranean homes use knotty alder wood for wood front doors because of its light color. It’s typically yellow or light orange and features darker knots that give each door a distinctive character. The straight grain becomes more prominent after applying a stain finish.


Homeowners often choose oak for their replacement wood doors because the wood is so strong and versatile. It’s a slightly lighter brown than mahogany and is especially resistant to fungus and insect infestations. The grains absorb stains and sealants more evenly than other varieties for a better overall appearance.


Although walnut is more popular with fine furniture, it’s also used to create beautiful wood entry doors. It ranges in color from a light brown to deep chocolate hues, with darker wood tending to have purple undertones. Walnut also features knots that give each door a one-of-a-kind look.


Cherry has a light brown color with pink undertones, making it a unique option for a hardwood exterior door. A clear finish will bring out a deeper rust color as it ages. Although it’s a hard and durable wood, it's soft enough for an easy woodworking experience.

We Offer a Wide Range of Door Styles

Seconds & Surplus carries a variety of exterior wood doors with single, double, and triple panels.

We have several warehouses throughout the DFW area and can ship single doors to any location in the United States. When ordering double or triple doors, you must pick them up in-store.

Single Doors

While browsing our inventory of single-door options, you’ll find that we sell doors made from many different types of wood. Each door comes with a unique finish that either brings out its natural beauty or darkens the tone of the wood.

You can order a single door with a black or smoky finish. You can also choose a modern entry door with a unique window pattern to match your home’s style.

Whether you want three rectangular glass panels, a larger single pane within a crisscrossed border, or multiple square panes, you can find the style to match your vision and satisfy your expectations.

Double Doors

It’s common to refer to double doors as French doors, and this is an accurate description since most of today’s French doors consist of two sides.

The misconception lies in assuming all French doors must consist of wide panels of glass framed by wood. While this is one well-known style, you can also buy a set of double doors with smaller windows or no windows at all.

Double doors can create a grander entryway and boost your property’s curb appeal. Other advantages include adding more light and increasing the spaciousness of the entrance. They also make it easier to move furniture and other oversized objects in or out of the home.

Triple Doors

These wood doors consist of a centered door placed between two panels, commonly called sidelights. You can choose wide sidelights or panels that are narrower for increased security. Additionally, the sidelights and door glass can be clear, etched, or frosted. 

Sidelights give your entryway a more stately look while allowing more natural light to enter the front area of your home.

Find the Perfect Door for Your Home

Explore our online store to view our exterior wood doors in more detail. You’re practically guaranteed to find something that catches your eye.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our solid wood doors. We’re happy to answer your questions.