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When choosing an exterior door for your home, you’ll want to consider the style of your home and the climate you live in. Iron doors are strong and beautiful and add value to a home. There are heavy-duty insulated doors and some that are lighter and won’t absorb heat. 

Iron doors come in various styles, finishes, and designs, which means chances are good that you’ll be able to find the perfect one for your needs.

Double and Single Iron Entry Doors

Seconds & Surplus has double iron door units and single iron doors for sale and in stock. Our double wrought iron entry doors have right or left inward swings and come in handsome aged bronze, black, copper, and other finishes. 

The doors go through a stunning finishing process that takes them through nine individual steps. Moreover, iron double doors meet or exceed local energy rating requirements and have a clear coat finish to help them last even longer.

The single iron doors in stock in our inventory are available in variations that swing left or right, depending on your preference. Our single doors feature a satin finish, large iron pull handles, and an inward swing and are manufactured using the same nine-step finishing process as our double doors.

All of our wrought iron doors are made with low-E satin glass and 12-gauge steel of the highest quality.

Styles, Designs, and Finishes for Heavy-Duty Iron Doors

Different styles and designs for iron entryway doors include those on the traditional side and others on the more modern or contemporary side. 

Traditional Iron Doors

The traditional styles have ornate scrollwork and rosettes and often resemble the trends and designs of yesteryear. As such, it should come as no surprise that these doors make an excellent addition to older homes.

Contemporary Iron Doors

Iron doors in more contemporary styles can add an air of sophistication to any home, regardless of age, design, or style. Contemporary iron doors are characterized by streamlined styles that are sleek and modern, making them extremely versatile.


When it comes to finishes, the three most popular are black, bronze, and pre-finished options. Natural finishes like aged bronze or black give iron entryway doors a warm, inviting look that extends to the home in which they’re installed. 

We also offer metallic finishes, including stainless steel and nickel, that give the doors a sleek, modern aesthetic. However, many people find these brighter metallic finishes a bit too bright for their homes.

Pewter finishes are popular because they offer a nice “in-between” appearance that’s neither too bright nor too dark. The same holds true for muted copper finishes.

The Benefits of Iron Front Doors: Why Consider Them?

Iron doors make for an eye-catching entryway and are made of rust-resistant iron that can withstand the elements for superior durability. Since the iron doors for sale at Seconds & Surplus are available in numerous styles, almost any home can benefit from having one.

Iron doors are also very heavy and secure, which means they’re difficult to break into and can therefore help keep your home and everything in it safe. Finally, iron doors represent both a visually appealing and practical investment that can add substantial value to your home.

Buy Wrought Iron Doors Online with Seconds & Surplus

Iron doors are an excellent choice for homes that need a secure, stylish, durable door. If you’re considering installing them for your home, browse our inventory to find a style you like.

Our discount iron doors are available for in-store pickup, so make sure you visit one of our four warehouse locations in the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area. You can find us in Grand Prairie, Lewisville, Dallas, and Richardson. Come and see our doors for yourself!