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Are you looking for an elegant yet low-maintenance entryway to welcome guests into your home? Fiberglass doors are a popular choice for homeowners in Texas and nationwide. At Seconds & Surplus, we are proud to carry a large selection of fiberglass entry doors that complement virtually every home design. 

Traditional Wood-Look Fiberglass Doors 

Wood-look fiberglass doors allow you to get the best of both worlds — the durability of fiberglass and the warm and classic appearance of wood. We offer several different wood-look finishes, including:

These fiberglass front doors come in many sizes and can include stylish glass inserts to suit your home’s exterior. 

Modern, Single Reeded Fiberglass Doors

Reeded fiberglass doors offer a strikingly modern look that many homeowners crave. We offer several configurations of reeded fiberglass doors, including horizontal 3-lite and 4-lite options and sleek vertical 1-lite options

Most of our reeded doors are available with frosted glass, which provides the perfect balance of visibility and privacy for homeowners. 

Full-View Exterior Fiberglass Doors 

Full-view fiberglass doors boast a large glass insert that accounts for most of the door's surface. Many homeowners find full-view doors create stunning and welcoming entryways. 

Featuring heavy-duty glass that is incredibly difficult to break, these doors are optimal for foyers that could benefit from lots of natural light. 

3/4 View Fiberglass Entry Doors 

For a classic look, 3/4 view fiberglass entry doors feature a glass insert that takes up about 3/4 of the door's length. This type of door affords a little more privacy than full-view doors but still gives you a great view of the outside world. 

Similar to full-view doors, these doors come with several different styles of glass inserts. From basic frosted glass with subtle geometric patterns to more ornate decorative details and filigree, we can help you nail the look you're going for. 

Speakeasy Fiberglass Doors 

If you're going for a more old-world feel, speakeasy doors can make your home feel like a castle straight out of medieval times. This unique door style has a lofty feel and adds an intriguing appeal to your home's architecture. 

Solid Fiberglass Doors

If you're looking for a simple and affordable option, it doesn't get any easier than a plain, solid fiberglass door with no glass inserts or intricate details. Shaker-style doors with embossed panels are the most popular type of solid fiberglass door, but they're not the only option. 

Benefits of Fiberglass Front Doors 

Fiberglass front doors have a few distinct benefits over other types of doors. 


One of the biggest benefits of fiberglass doors is their durability. These doors are known to last for many years without falling victim to the problems that plague other types of doors, such as warping, rotting, denting, scratching, and rusting. 

Minimal Maintenance 

Fiberglass doors are very easy to clean and maintain. They only require occasional cleaning with a damp cloth and a few drops of your favorite dish soap. Gently wipe down the door to remove surface-level dirt and debris and keep your door looking fresh. 

Energy Efficiency 

Fiberglass front doors have an energy-efficient edge over the competition thanks to their insulated core. In fact, fiberglass doors offer five times the insulating power of the average door. This means they can help minimize energy loss by keeping the perfectly warmed or cooled air inside your home. 

High Degree of Customization 

Fiberglass doors offer the highest degree of customization. In addition to offering many different styles, we also offer plain white, primed, and pre-finished fiberglass doors that can easily be painted with any color and finish you like. 

High-Quality Fiberglass Doors in DFW and Nationwide

At Seconds & Surplus, we are proud to provide homeowners in Texas — and nationwide — with affordable, high-quality fiberglass doors that will elevate their homes. 

Most of our fiberglass doors are eligible for nationwide shipping, but you'll have to visit us in person for a few local gems. 

Check out our online store today to explore our lineup of stylish and durable fiberglass entry doors.