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Small bathroom vanities can greatly impact bathroom spaces, especially when those bathrooms are tiny. When you have a small room to work with, storage space becomes more important than ever, but there’s no room to sacrifice floor space. This can make finding the best small vanity a challenge.

However, the options for single-bathroom vanity sets today offer all kinds of exciting, affordable, ideal solutions for small areas. 

Whether you’re looking for a vanity for a small powder room, you have a single sink that you want a vanity for, or you have no idea where to begin, shopping for the best small bathroom vanities is easier when you keep some things in mind.

Small Vanities for Bathrooms: Widths and Sizes

The most important functional feature of any small vanity is its size. You don’t have to give up a room with great bathroom accessories to have a vanity! Small vanities are essential for small bathroom spaces, so your priority when shopping for one should be knowing the size you need first.

In general, small vanities are 30 inches wide or less. The great thing about them is that despite their small size, they can add all the charm and convenience that large vanities do, thanks to the innovative designs and features that today’s small vanities offer.

Width is usually the most pressing concern when shopping for small vanities for bathrooms, but depth is important, too. Many people forget to account for the space needed for drawers and doors to open and close freely. 

Don’t forget to measure everything while accounting for open/close space. You may end up with problems that hinder convenience and functionality, which could also detract attention from any decor you have in the room!

Consider carefully how much storage and counter space you will need. If you have a small bathroom, every inch of counter space takes away an inch of room space, so be careful. If you prioritize more counter space and storage space underneath the sink, you will have less floor space available in your bathroom. It’s a tradeoff that must be contemplated carefully.

Small Vanity Features and Styles: What to Look For

Whether you want a boxy, contemporary style for your vanity or you have a traditional room design and want a more timeless style, small vanities for bathrooms can fit the bill. Gone are the days when these pieces of furniture were simply there to hold up a sink!

For the smallest of bathrooms, a small vanity with an open area under the sink can make a room look more spacious; it gives the illusion that there is more free space than a completely closed vanity with drawers and doors. 

So if you’re concerned that even a tiny, boxy vanity will be too much for your space, look for one designed to resemble a table more than cabinets. If you want an option that will really make the most of your small bathroom, consider a corner vanity set that will tuck right in.

Some vanities offer doors that roll back into the unit instead of pulling out; this feature can come in handy in bathrooms with almost zero extra space to work with. In addition, another style feature to look for is a vanity with no drawers or doors at all. These have completely open storage shelves or surfaces instead.

Vanity Colors, Materials, and More

The most popular colors and finishes for single-sink bathroom vanity cabinets include:

  • Espresso
  • Grey
  • White

When you're considering the color of your new vanity, keep in mind that light colors can make a room appear brighter and more spacious. Darker colors can make a room feel smaller but cozier, too. 

If you’re not a fan of the idea of a vanity, sink, and vanity top that are all the same color, you’re in luck! There are many vanity bases with different-colored vanity tops, and you’ll be able to choose the sink that goes with the set. 

Tops are also available in various materials, from marble to ceramic to fiberglass and acrylic. The most popular material for vanity bases is painted wood with laminate on the interior surfaces for moisture resistance.

A popular option for many homeowners with small bathrooms is to have the vanity base in white or light gray and a darker top piece. The opposite color scheme is also popular, however. Whether you want a light top and dark base or vice versa, don’t forget to coordinate the look with a great bathroom sink!

Shop for Small Bathroom Vanities Today

Seconds & Surplus has the best high-quality small bathroom vanities ready to ship to your door! You can also visit any of our stores in the DFW area for personalized help with your selection. Contact us today to learn more about our discounts, and check out our reviews, too!