Cabinet Hardware

Kitchen cabinet hardware does so much more than allow access to water glasses or pantry items. It has a place in the overall aesthetic of your kitchen and tells part of the story you’re crafting as a homeowner. 

At Seconds & Surplus, we have something to match every kitchen style; discover how we break down our different hardware selections and how you can make the most of them in your upcoming kitchen remodel.


Pulls have a modern, minimalist elegance and look fantastic in metal or metallic finishes. While you’ll usually see pulls on drawers, some people like their look and feel on cabinets also. And pulls can make a big statement on larger cabinets for a touch of drama, especially if the pull is large.

Pulls also have some ergonomic benefits. If you deal with arthritis or carpal tunnel, pulls won’t strain your hands when you open your cabinets as much as knobs potentially could. They can also be easier to clean, making an enormous difference for the homeowner who loves cooking but isn’t as fond of cleaning.


Knobs are the most popular type of kitchen cabinet hardware. However, knobs are more commonly found on cabinets than drawers. Many love them because installing them is straightforward, and they come in a wide range of colors and styles. 

They’re also usually more affordable than pulls, which is great news for those with a long shopping list for their renovation.

Pulls may have the upper hand because they’re more comfortable to grasp, but they aren’t as easy to operate for young children or older adults. That’s where knobs really shine. They’re also a good choice if you have cabinets that sit closer together, as it’ll be easier to distinguish one from the other.

Popular Colors and Finishes

You can choose from many popular colors and finishes, but the most important thing is that your hardware matches your kitchen’s design. Usually, your color options are relegated to metal or metallic finishes, but some have coats of paint that give them a non-traditional look many homeowners seek.

Those searching for something more modern will likely find that chrome or brass suits their taste. If you want something more classic or a farmhouse vibe, look at the rustic finishes or black hardware. And for those wanting a luxurious or expensive feel, go with antique or oil-rubbed bronze hardware for the perfect complement to elegant kitchen cabinetry.

We’d also encourage you to mix and match — with some caveats. Mixing within color families is great, but mixing finishes usually doesn’t work. 

Size Ranges

The “happy medium” for pulls is between 5 and 7 inches. This size will work for most typical kitchen cabinetry, but you may want to size up or down to fit your aesthetic or ensure more balance between the hardware and the cabinet. You can also use multiple different-size pulls for cabinets and drawers, provided they’re still a similar style.

Cabinet knobs are usually listed with diameter in mind, the most common being around 1 to 2’ inches. The smaller size makes them more subtle than pulls and a better fit for smaller cabinets. You can use larger knobs if you have bigger hands or want more comfort.

Fulfill Your Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Needs at Seconds & Surplus

Good hardware shouldn’t be hard to find — get everything you need for your kitchen cabinets and more at Seconds & Surplus. Our wide selection of high-quality products is an excellent value for any DIY home improvement project you have your eye on. Browse our wares or contact us to learn more about what we offer!