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Your shower is a sanctuary — a retreat from daily life that leaves you feeling wonderfully clean. And when you upgrade your shower, you can make your showering experience that much better! Here’s an overview of some of the shower types you might consider.

Framed vs. Frameless Showers

If you’ve begun perusing showers for sale, you may have seen a range of both framed and frameless showers. The type you choose is up to you, and each has its advantages and disadvantages.

Framed Showers

Framed showers have a metal frame — usually made of aluminum — around each panel. Some have special metal finishes to suit different aesthetics. For instance, for a warm, traditional look, you might opt for an oil-rubbed bronze shower door.

Pros of Framed Showers

Framed showers come with several advantages, including:

  • The frame makes the shower sturdier
  • You can customize the frame to suit any style of decor
  • This design is less likely to leak than a frameless shower
  • These showers can offer a classic look with unmatched stability to your bathroom

If you value durability and utility and don’t mind a bit of extra cleaning, a framed shower might be right for you.

Frameless Showers

Frameless showers are made of glass panels with no frame. Because of their minimalist design, they are a popular choice for many homeowners today.

Pros of Frameless Showers

This innovative design comes with a range of advantages, including:

  • A sleek, modern aesthetic ideal for contemporary homes
  • Easier cleaning compared to other shower types
  • Doors that can swing both outward and inward
  • With a frameless shower, you can make the most of the space in your bathroom

With proper installation, a frameless shower can be a beautiful addition to your bathroom, especially as a corner shower.

Glass Shower Door Types

Whether you choose a framed or frameless shower, you have plenty of options for types of glass shower doors. 

Dual and Single Sliding Doors 

Sliding shower doors are ideal for saving space in smaller bathrooms. These bathtub shower doors are made of two panels. With a single sliding door, one panel moves. With a dual sliding door, both panels move. 

Pivot Doors

The pivot door is the most common type of frameless shower door, as the pivot hinge is less visible than traditional hinges. Pivot doors can swing both ways. Before you install one, make sure your bathroom has enough space to accommodate the open door.

Hinged Doors

These doors are typically found on framed showers, as the hinges can easily be incorporated into the metal frame. Hinged shower doors open one way.

Forget About Leaks

As you learn about different walk-in showers for sale, you might see warnings that some — especially frameless showers — can leak. But with Seconds & Surplus, all of our bathroom showers for sale are well-made, so you won’t have to worry about water leaks due to defective design.

However, even the best shower may leak if it’s installed incorrectly! Here are some tips to ensure a leak-free shower.

Tips to Prevent Leaking

If you’re preparing to install a new shower, there are several precautions you should take to ensure a leak-free experience:

  • Make Sure There’s a Slope Toward the Drain: Most experts recommend a slope of about ¼” per foot
  • Use Polymer Modified Grout on Floor Tiles: This type of grout is both flexible and water-resistant
  • Add Waterproof Seals Where Panels Meet: This helps make sure any water that hits this area will simply drain back into the shower
  • Make Sure Your Shower Curb Angles Inward: Your shower curb is essential for keeping water from leaking out, but if it doesn’t tilt slightly inward, water that hits it may splash out
  • Hire an Experienced Contractor: If your shower door is misaligned, it can start leaking immediately

The bottom line is to make sure your shower enclosure is installed with the utmost attention to detail. When it’s installed correctly, you can enjoy it for years to come.

Complete Your Project with Accessories 

Installing a new shower can be a major upgrade to your home. To complete your new bathroom, you’ll need to include key accessories like shower control panels, linear shower drains, showerheads, and more. Check out our catalog of quality accessories today!