Shower Drains

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Shower drains are the unsung heroes of your bathroom. When they are doing their job correctly, you never think about them. But if you’re remodeling a bathroom or building a new one, slicing a new drain is part of the job. 

Seconds & Surplus carries a variety of shower drains to make your project complete. We offer high-quality bathroom hardware and other building materials at discount prices in the greater Dallas area. 

Choosing the Right Shower Drain 

As long as water does not flood the bathroom floor, you might think it doesn’t matter what type of drain you have in your shower. And in some ways, that may be true — function is, after all, the most important element of a good drain. Thus, unless you selected your current shower drain yourself, you may not even recall what it looks like. 

However, drains are much more than just a hole in the shower floor. Some styles are more likely to clog than others, and certain drains simply look better with your overall bathroom design aesthetic. 

There are four basic types of shower drains. They can snap or screw in and can include a removable cover. The fourth type is called a three-piece cover. Three-piece styles are the most difficult to install. 

When you purchase a shower faucet package, there’s a chance it will include a shower floor drain. If not, though, these tips will help you make a great choice:

  • Metal drain covers and ABS plastic are the most durable and long-lasting
  • The drain should be measured carefully to select the correct cover size
  • Covers should be resistant to corrosion and rust
  • Shower drains come in several sizes and should be measured before purchasing
  • Removable covers are the easiest to maintain and clean
  • Certain covers, like this Wavy Design drain, don’t require specialized tools to install

Perhaps you’ve heard that all shower drains are removable. Technically, this is true. However, removable covers are not secured to the shower floor. Instead, they are designed to easily pop off for cleaning or to take care of a clog. 

When Should You Replace a Shower Drain?

If you’re doing a simple bathroom refresh, it may not be necessary to replace your shower drain. If it fits correctly and looks good with your new design, that’s great. There are times, however, when replacing a shower drain is necessary — even if you’re not doing any type of bathroom remodel. 

Like every other fixture in your home, shower drains break down in time with normal wear and tear. Here are some of the most common warning signs that your drain needs replacing:

  • You see signs of corrosion or rust
  • You need to replace the shower base or shower pan
  • You can see water damage on the wall surrounding the shower or on the ceiling
  • You notice that it feels uncomfortable to step on

Installing an entirely new shower is typically not a DIY job. That said, replacing a shower drain is simple enough for even the most inexperienced homeowner. If you’re experiencing leakage, though, you may have to do more than simply replace the shower drain cover, as this problem could indicate a plumbing issue. 

Find a New Shower Drain at Second & Surplus 

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