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With so many types of bathroom faucets to choose from, selecting the best one for your space can be a fun challenge. Function is always the first consideration. You may think that all a faucet needs to have is the ability to provide hot and cold running water. On the contrary, because bathroom fixtures get a lot of use, there are actually several factors to consider when selecting them.

Do you prefer water-saving faucets? Who will be primarily using the bathroom? A bathroom for children or elderly family members needs to function differently than a rarely used powder room. Your sink choice also makes a difference. A vessel sink has different requirements than a traditional flush-mount sink.

Of course, you also want faucets that are stylish, durable, and low maintenance. Once you start your search, it can seem like the options are endless. Seconds & Surplus makes the job easier. We carry some of the most beautiful, high-quality lavatory faucets at discount prices. Seconds & Surplus has been providing builders and homeowners in the greater Dallas area with bathroom faucets and much more since 1987.

Faucet Types

Whether for a new build or a DIY bathroom remodel, Seconds & Surplus has the type of bathroom faucet you need. 


A wall-mount faucet is a popular choice for a free-standing or vessel sink. Wall mounts can be positioned over the top of the sink bowl to fit almost all sink configurations. Wall-mounted faucets have extra-long spouts so they can extend over a vessel for optimal function


SIngle-hole faucets have a sleek, modern appeal. They: 

  • Combine the handles and spout in one unit 
  • Require only one hole to be drilled into the sink
  • Are often used in powder rooms and bathrooms with smaller sinks 
  • Have a quaint yet modern appeal at the same time

These faucets can also usually be configured for retrofits using a bottom plate to cover any pre-existing holes.


Center-set faucets are the most common type of bathroom sink faucets. They consist of a center water spout and two handles mounted on either side. Center sets fit in standard three-hole sinks that have outer holes four inches apart. 


Widespread mounts are similar to center sets, but the handles are distanced a minimum of 8 inches apart. The fixtures of a widespread mount are also typically larger than other bathroom faucets and are suitable for wider sink styles. A version of the widespread mount, called a  “minispread,” is available as well. It is designed for standard pre-drilled holes. 


Matching the style of your fixtures to the style of your bathroom decor can be intimidating if you’re not a professional designer. Start by considering the general style of the room. For example, the Sherington Lavatory faucet in polished chrome has an appealing vintage style, but it’s not the best match for a serene spa-like bathroom. 

Some of the most popular styles today include:

  • Beachy: Calm and relaxing without too much fuss
  • Traditional: Classic materials with rich details and elegant materials
  • Contemporary: Clean lines and sleek materials
  • Farmhouse: A “collected” but minimal look with simple materials like reclaimed wood
  • Industrial: Durable, raw-looking materials like brick, concrete, and steel

If you’re not sure what your bathroom’s decor style is — it’s just a bathroom, after all — take a look around. Have you painted it in bold, modern colors or traditional light tones? Do you enjoy having high-tech amenities in your bathroom, or are you more the bubble bath in a claw-foot tub type? Trust that you know what you like and pick a faucet style that pleases you. 


The number of faucet finishes can be staggering. Do you prefer the traditional look of polished chrome, or is a matte black finish more your style? Choosing a faucet finish is more about the overall look than the actual color. Whether you decide on polished nickel or oil-rubbed bronze, coordinating all the finishes in the bathroom is the key to a refined look. 

Whatever you decide on, make sure that shower and tub faucets, lighting fixtures, towel bars, and any other hardware all have the same finish. If finish options are overwhelming you, look through some home decor magazines or online sites for inspiration. 

Tech Trends in Bathroom Faucets

Today’s bathroom faucets can do more than just provide water to wash your hands. They can also sanitize, turn off and on automatically, and even aerate the water as it flows from the spout. 

If you love everything tech, you may want to start your search for the perfect bathroom faucet by finding one with the smart features you prefer. One of the most impressive extras a bathroom faucet can offer is saving you money while reducing water waste. 

Water-Saving Bathroom Faucets

As per the Federal Energy Management Act of 1992, bathroom faucets produced in the U.S. are limited to a maximum flow rate of 2.5 GPM. While that flow rate is already saving thousands of gallons of water a year, you can save even more with high-efficiency faucets and showerheads that have a rate of 1.5 GPM or lower. 

Find Your Ideal Bathroom Faucets at Seconds & Surplus

Don’t let choosing bathroom fixtures make you sweat. Start by selecting faucets that provide the function you need and then the faucet types that work with your sink. You can further narrow your choices by choosing a faucet style and the perfect finish. 

Contact the pros at Seconds & Surplus for advice on picking the right bathroom faucets for your job.