Bar Sinks

When you’re hosting a party at your home, serving drinks can be a key but tricky part. And keeping an organized and efficient home bar can be a struggle even if you aren’t entertaining often. But if you plan to overhaul or build yourself a new bar, you can make your tending life much simpler by installing bar sinks.

What exactly is a bar/prep sink, and why are they so useful? Here is everything you need to know about the top-notch bar and prep sinks we offer at Seconds & Surplus.

The Function of Bar Sinks

Much like a kitchen sink, bar sinks have multiple uses. The most obvious is making entertaining in spaces like a rec room or home bar a lot easier for the host and your guests. But there are some nuances to owning a bar sink that homeowners should know about when deciding to include one in their next project.

How a Bar Sink Can Benefit Your Space

Taking all your glassware back and forth to the kitchen for cleaning is a full-time job. And depending on the size of your get-together, you might have virtually no time to visit with loved ones or enjoy yourself. Bar sinks make this problem obsolete; you can quickly wash and rinse your glasses right from your home bar.

A quick cleanup can also make you a better host. A guest may otherwise have to wait for a specific glass, like a tumbler or wine glass. Having fast access to washing these glasses keeps the flow of drinks moving — which is precisely what every host with a bar wants to see at their parties.

They’re also terrific for cleanup. Cocktails and parties go together just as much as cocktails and spills do, and having a bar sink close at hand makes cleaning up spills a snap. And if you need to do any prep to make fresh juices, syrups, or garnishes, a bar sink in your home bar can significantly cut the time it takes to create them.

But these sinks don’t only work well in a home bar. You can also use your bar sink as a second workstation in your kitchen. They can be an enormous asset to prepping large meals.

Typical Sinks vs. Bar Sinks

There are some compelling reasons why you’d want a bar sink over a standard sink at your home bar. The first is that bar sinks take up much less space than full-sized sinks. A bar sink’s size can be ideal for smaller kitchens short on counter space.

Bar sinks can also be very handy while you prep. Your other sink might be dedicated exclusively to dishes, while having a bar sink with a faucet and drain you can access without moving a bunch of plates is helpful.

Sizes and Materials

Bar sinks will almost always run smaller than your traditional sinks. 13’’ and 15’’ models like the ones we offer at Seconds & Surplus are excellent choices. Both can help you save space while still giving you plenty of room to complete cleaning and prep tasks.

As for materials, undermount stainless steel bar sinks are popular for their balance of versatility and affordability. They’re also very durable and carry antibacterial properties, making it easier than ever to keep your bar clean.

Turning a Dry Bar into a Wet Bar

Dry bars are fun — but wet bars are a party. A wet bar is the way to go if you’ve ever wanted to unlock your inner mixologist. They’re essential for creating craft cocktails or entertaining large crowds.

Generally, you’ll want to outfit your wet bar with a bar sink and faucet, a small bar fridge for storing juices and garnishes, a butcher block countertop, and enough storage for prep items and glassware.

Serving Up Top-Notch Bar Sinks at Seconds & Surplus

Create unforgettable memories with your friends and family by incorporating a bar sink into your home bar. And if you’re looking for quality stainless steel options, look no further than Seconds & Surplus. We offer statewide shipping throughout Texas and nationwide shipping on many items. Check out our selection today!