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Shower faucets do all the heavy lifting during shower time — the inner workings of these systems control the temperature and flow of your water and direct the water up through the shower head. If you’re redoing your bathroom, some background information on shower faucets and how they work will help you make a more thoughtful decision. 

Seconds & Surplus is here to walk you through the ins and outs of shower heads and faucets.

Shower Sets

Purchasing one of our shower faucet sets is the most no-nonsense way to update your shower fixtures. Each set includes a matching shower head and faucet — no more hunting through pages of options to find sets that almost match. 

Each set goes perfectly with the fixtures included, and we have multiple finishes to help you customize your shower even further. 

Shower Faucet Finishes

The look of your shower faucet can tie together the room and portray a specific aesthetic. Usually, you’ll want the finish or color to match other fixtures in your bathroom. That’s why Seconds & Surplus carries multiple finish options to help you find one that doesn’t disrupt your bathroom’s vibe.

One of the most popular finishes we offer is polished chrome. This timeless, elegant finish looks beautiful and gives the bathroom a shiny glow. Other options, like matte black or brushed nickel, also look stunning and provide flexibility with your design aesthetic. 

Types of Shower Faucets

The primary difference between shower faucets is their operation and interaction with the shower head. At Seconds & Surplus, you can select multiple filters to help you find the exact right faucet to work in your home. Otherwise, much of the choice is about personal preference and looks.

Most of our shower systems have easy-to-use lever handles; these are the most common for shower systems, and you likely already have one in your home. We also carry shower sets with separate knobs for hot and cold, which can be preferable for those who want more direct control over the temperature.

You can also purchase tub spouts separately to match your shower faucet. These are excellent for those who have bath/shower combos and want everything to look seamless.

Shower Heads

shower heads don’t just contribute to the ambiance and feel of your bathroom. They can also change how your shower functions and what kind of experience you have when you hop in. 

Choosing a shower head is easy at Seconds & Surplus since most of them pair up with our faucets in the shower sets. However, we also offer separate shower heads if you’d prefer to mix and match your fixtures. 

An example is our elegant and versatile rain shower heads that come in either satin nickel or polished chrome. They’ll look fantastic in any shower and pair with most shower faucets.

About a Thermostatic Shower System

The typical shower has a pressure balance system. This system will use changes in water pressure to adjust the water temperature. It’s not necessarily challenging to get the right temperature with these systems, but it can be harder to fine-tune things to your comfort.

Thermostatic shower systems have valves that actually control the water temperature before it comes out of the shower head. It’s an obvious advantage over the pressure balance systems since there’s no worrying about a temperature fluctuation during your shower — you’ll always have one consistent temperature.

How to Choose a New Shower Faucet

Now that you’ve learned more about shower faucets, it’s time to think about what makes one suitable for you.

Start by establishing which system you prefer: a thermostatic or pressure balance system. Pressure balance shower valves can be more economical, but thermostatic shower systems are generally more comfortable. And if the goal is to elevate your home with your bathroom remodel, this is an excellent place to start.

Next, think about the type of shower head you’d like. This category is where there are a lot of choices that come down to personal preference. Some homeowners might prefer a handheld shower head because it makes showering more comfortable for them. In contrast, others prefer a rain shower to engulf them and give them a unique showering experience.

With these two elements in mind, it’s time to start thinking about your budget. Fortunately, Seconds & Surplus carries many high-quality options that fall into various price ranges, so we guarantee you’ll find something that suits you.

Save When You Shop for Shower Faucets at Seconds & Surplus

Say goodbye to your outdated shower and hello to one of our multi-function shower faucet sets. Pick one up for yourself at one of our Texas warehouse locations, or browse our collection online for a convenient way to shop. We offer local and nationwide shipping, so start your order with us today!