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Seconds & Surplus is a plumbing surplus store, providing customers with affordable prices for their home plumbing supplies. Our products range from sinks to bath accessories, so you can source everything you need for your home plumbing project — without breaking the bank.  

We have reliable products bought directly from manufacturers as excess plumbing supply, and we pass down the savings to our customers. Whether you're looking for a kitchen faucet or a shower door, we're sure to have the item you need.   

Home Plumbing Supplies You Can Find at Seconds & Surplus 

Our remarkable inventory of fixtures and accessories makes us a top choice for your plumbing supply company.  


You can transform your home by updating your kitchen or bathroom sink. Find the perfect sink by shopping at Seconds & Surplus. We have stylish and durable products to match any style. You'll find numerous types, including the classic pedestal sink for smaller spaces.

Browse through our selection of single or double bowl styles perfect for helping you prepare and clean up after any delicious meal. With our many styles and finishes, we're sure you'll find something that fits your needs and matches your home design.   

Our utility and bar sinks are designed to meet your high-capacity cleaning needs. They have large basins that are perfect for washing and soaking any items. 


At Seconds & Surplus, you'll find faucets that will fit your kitchen, bath, or bar sink. This essential piece of hardware is available in freestanding, pull-down, and wall-mounted versions. With a wide range of finishes to choose from, you'll easily harmonize your faucet's appearance with the rest of the space. 

Always consider the specifications of your new faucet to ensure it will be compatible with the desired location. For example, if you have a freestanding bathroom tub, you'll want to replace the faucet with one that has specific handles that allow you to control the hot and cold water. 

No matter what you need, when you shop at Seconds & Surplus, you'll find something that will create a beautiful, upgraded space in no time.    


Whenever you update your bathtub, you can choose between a freestanding and a drop-in tub. Freestanding tubs provide more flexibility as they are not attached to a frame, but drop-in tubs require a structure called a surround.

You can find both styles at Seconds & Surplus for affordable prices every day. 


One of the most essential features of a bathroom is the shower door you choose. It impacts the overall look of your space and the convenience of using the facilities. 

We offer doors and associated accessories for your shower, like panels and drains. Choose the frame that best matches your style, whether frameless, semi-frameless, or a full enclosure.  

If you're ready to create a more spa-like atmosphere, you can also browse our selection of steam showers. 


You'll find your perfect toilet after reviewing the selection we offer at Seconds & Surplus. Whether your project is a renovation or new building construction, we'll have a standard toilet suitable for your space.

It's important to note a few valuable tips to help you find the best toilet for your bathroom:

  • Measure your current toilet to find a similar fit 
  • Choose the right bowl height 
  • Select an elongated or round design 

You'll find our toilets will make a good fit for your project while saving you money. 

Bath Accessories 

No bathroom would be complete without the corresponding accessories. You can find what you need at Seconds & Surplus, from towel racks to toilet paper holders, in a variety of colors and finishes. 

Contact Seconds & Surplus to learn more about our surplus home plumbing supplies. Visit our store and take advantage of the affordable prices we offer!