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When it’s time to upgrade your home, you might be overwhelmed with choices. Where do you begin? What items and fixtures should you change? Consider the areas of your home that get the most attention, the ones you touch and interact with every day. 

For instance, door handlesets are one of the most important upgrades you can make. You use them every time you enter or leave your house. When a visitor comes to your front door, their first interaction point with your home will most likely be a door handle. Quality door handles improve curb appeal and give the impression that the homeowner pays attention to important details.

Don’t forget about your interior doors, either! From simple door pulls to replacement door knobs to full handlesets, new hardware can make every entryway feel as upscale as you want it to.

Which Handlesets Do You Need?

Depending on which door or doors you’re modifying, you will need different types of handlesets. 

Entry Door Handlesets

The doors that lead outside or into a garage need to be more secure than interior doors, so you’ll need handlesets that incorporate a deadbolt of some kind. These come in a variety of styles.

Single Cylinder Handleset

The single cylinder deadbolt style of handleset provides keyed entry on the exterior side and a thumb turn on the interior side. These are available as:

  • One-Piece: The deadbolt/thumb turn and handle are part of the same unit, but the bottom of the handle isn’t connected to the plate
  • Two-Piece: The deadbolt/thumb turn is separate from the door handle
  • Full-Plate: The deadbolt/thumb turn is in the same unit as the door handle, which is entirely connected to the plate

Depending on the style and size of your doors, you may prefer one type over the other. Alternatively, you might want to mix and match.

Double Cylinder Handleset

A double cylinder deadbolt features keyed entry on both the interior and exterior sides of the door. These are available as one-piece, two-piece, and full-plate types. This type of lock adds more security to doors featuring glass windows. Should someone break through the window, they would not be able to unlock the door without a key.

Electronic Handlesets

These types of handlesets, commonly referred to as smart locks, typically feature a keypad for typing in an entry code. They run on long-lasting, reliable batteries. Many electronic locks can operate via remote control or over an internet connection. 

In case the battery dies, electronic handlesets also allow for keyed entry. These are available in both single and double cylinder handlesets as well as one-piece, two-piece, and full-plate mounting types.

Interior Door Handlesets

Interior knobs and handles don’t have to be as robust as exterior types. Handles with locks, called privacy handles, are typical for bathrooms, but owners often install them in bedroom and office doors as well. Locks are built into one of the handles and typically consist of a button or knob.

Dummy Handles

Dummy handles appear to be standard knobs, but they aren’t attached to a mechanism. These handles are generally for double front doors and entryways that don’t require a latch. Sectional garage doors often use dummy handles to provide a lifting point or simply as an aesthetic choice.

Door Pulls

Similar to dummy handles, door pulls don’t operate a latch but instead offer a grabbing point for pulling open a laundry or closet door.

What Material or Finish Do You Need?

The available materials and finishes provide different appearances, of course, but also have unique wear and corrosion resistance properties. 

  • Stainless steel is an excellent bath handleset material because it is rust-resistant
  • Satin nickel gives a more glossy appearance than stainless steel 
  • Black and matte black give an upscale appearance and stand out against lighter-colored doors
  • Tuscany bronze gives a natural aesthetic and complements rustic transitional doors

The finish that is right for you ultimately depends on the visual statement you want to make and the tactile experience you desire.

Upgrading With Seconds & Surplus Handlesets

No matter what type of door you want to upgrade, Seconds & Surplus has the handle you’re looking for! We also stock doors and other building supplies that are perfect for your construction or remodeling project. 

Our Texas warehouses in Dallas, Grand Prairie, Richardson, and Lewisville contain the most surplus building materials of any DFW supplier. Order online and choose shipping or pickup at one of our Seconds & Surplus locations.