Butcher Block Countertops

The natural beauty of wood remains uncontested. So it's no wonder that homeowners are always searching for ways to add touches of this element to their homes. Wood butcher blocks are not only ideal ways to incorporate more wood into your home, but they also add impressive functionality.

Are you considering adding a butcher block island or countertop to your kitchen in the DFW area? Here's what you need to know about these unique countertops you can find at Seconds & Surplus.

Benefits of Installing Butcher Block Countertops

When considering butcher block countertops, many homeowners wonder what makes them the right choice compared to other countertops. Take a look at the benefits that come with these beautiful countertops:


There's no denying how stunning a granite or marble countertop can be. But it's also not in every homeowner's budget to install such expensive materials. Even if your budget allows them, you can never go wrong in adding flexibility to your overall budget by going with a lower-cost material that still looks incredible.

How cost-effective your butcher block countertop will be will depend on several factors, such as the type of wood and any customizations. But overall, it's a notable benefit that could help you allocate funds for another home improvement project.


It’s hard to find a material that can deliver the warmth of the outdoors quite like a butcher block. It's complementary to virtually any home design, so incorporating one into your kitchen style can be a simple process. 


Butcher block countertops can be the workhorses of your kitchen. They can handle years of heavy daily use, making them ideal for homeowners who love to spend time in their kitchens. 

Their durability also means they're significantly less fragile than other materials, so there's less worry if you're entertaining or if you have kids that you're concerned can damage it.

The Beauty of Acacia

Acacia is the premier wood for butcher block countertops. It's a natural hardwood known for its versatility and strength. 

Many who build furniture love it for its balance of beautiful looks and durability. It's also incredibly resistant to impact and excellent at resisting water. This feature makes it an appealing choice for high-moisture areas like your kitchen. 

Acacia is also an excellent choice for the eco-conscious. This tree is only harvested from forests grown specifically for industrial production, which means that there is no tearing down of habitats to obtain this wood.

But for many, acacia's biggest draw is its looks. Even among other stunning wood options, it's a complete standout, with warm, bright tones and a unique smooth texture that not only looks great, but also helps it hold gloss well and makes it easier to clean.

About Face, Edge, and End Grain Cut

Between face, edge, and end, which makes the cut? If you're faced with the choice between these grain cuts, here are some key tips to get you started.

Face grain can be the most visually striking of the three since it shows off the greatest portion of the wood's grain. These blocks also involve less maintenance and are often less expensive than other choices. 

End grain cuts are the most durable and can even help keep your knives sharp. They're usually more expensive, but they also have a unique look that can outweigh the cost, especially if you want your butcher block countertops to be an accent in your kitchen.

Edge grain cuts are a good in-between. They don't require as much upkeep as end grain and are usually thicker than face grain. 

Whichever cut you choose, you are sure to enjoy the best of what incorporating wood into your kitchen design has to offer.

Enjoy the Natural Beauty of Wood from Seconds & Surplus

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