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Looking to create a spa-like experience in your bathroom? At Seconds & Surplus, we have all the bathroom fittings and accessories you need to take your bathroom remodel to the next level. 

Whether you're upgrading your shower experience or doing a complete overhaul, our expansive bathroom collection will help you create the bathroom of your dreams. 


In most bathrooms, the vanity acts as a visual focal point and a convenient storage area. As such, it's a must-have in any bathroom design. But which type of vanity is right for you?

Furniture Vanities 

Furniture vanities, or freestanding vanities, can create the illusion of space and offer a uniquely modern feel. We offer furniture vanities in a wide variety of sizes to complement bathrooms of every size. 

Standard Vanities 

Standard vanities are built directly into your bathroom wall to conceal plumbing and provide a classic feel. Additionally, standard vanities offer a higher degree of personalization since you can pick the precise layout. 

Vanity Tops

The vanity top puts the finishing touches on your vanity and helps tie the whole room together. Go bold with a contrasting color, or keep it simple yet elegant with a radiant white quartz vanity top. 

Whether you have a single or double vanity, you can browse our wide selection of quartz and marble tops to find the perfect match. 

Bathroom Mirrors 

No bathroom is complete without a mirror to get ready in front of. Luckily, we have bathroom mirrors to fit any budget. Whether you want to keep it simple with a basic rectangular mirror or you want to add a layer of opulence with a backlit mirror, we keep our prices low so you don't have to compromise.  


Looking for a more spa-like shower experience? From linear shower drains that lay flush with the floor to sleek shower panels, our shower collection can help you create a luxurious and modern bathroom that feels straight out of a magazine. All without going over your budget. 

Bath Sinks

No matter what kind of aesthetic you're going for in your bathroom, we have a sink that will blend in seamlessly.  

Choose between sleek porcelain sinks that lay flush with your vanity and vessel sinks that sit on the countertop for a more modern feel. We also have compact pedestal sinks that are perfect for small spaces. 

Bath Faucets 

Attention to detail can take your bathroom from below average to a showstopper. That's why it's important to pick out faucets that complement the other fixtures in your bathroom and fit into the overall feel. 

In fact, replacing aging or outdated faucets is a quick and easy way to give your bathroom a "facelift" of sorts. 

At Seconds & Surplus, we carry every kind of faucet you could need for your bathroom, including shower faucets, sink faucets, freestanding faucets, and more. 


When it comes to relaxing after a long day, nothing beats taking a warm, peaceful bath. That's why we offer several drop-ins and freestanding tubs that look great in any modern bathroom. 


Whether you're upgrading your current toilet or picking the best one for a new construction home, you can find sleek, comfortable, and affordable options within our warehouse walls. 

Bathroom Accessories

Bathroom accessories, such as towel racks and toilet paper holders, are just as important as the fixtures in your bathroom. After all, what good is a shower if you don't have a clean rack for your towel? 

When you shop at Seconds & Surplus, you can choose individual accessories and mix and match styles or shop our bathroom accessory bundles to get everything you need at once.  

Explore Our Store

At Seconds & Surplus, our bathroom collection has something for everybody. Whether you want your bathroom to have a simple and minimalistic feel, a sleek and modern feel, or a retro farmhouse feel, we have what you need to pull it off. 

Browse our online store today for the perfect fittings and accessories for your upcoming bathroom remodel.