Honed Soapstone 110" Prefabricated Kitchen Countertop

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These handsome and unique Honed Soapstone 110" prefabricated kitchen countertop slabs are a great countertop choice because they are extremely easy to maintain and even fix. They are crafted from strong, beautiful natural stone, and their ultra-smooth surface is preferred by bakers. Honed Soapstone prefabricated kitchen countertops also can have a raw/natural look or can be darkened with mineral oil depending on the look you prefer. Minor scratches can also be worked out with mild sandpaper! See attached document under 'product attachments' section for additional product care instructions.

• 26" x 110" x 3cm

• 3cm Thickness

• Prefabricated Soapstone Countertop

• Extremely Easy to Maintain and Even Fix

• Can Have Raw/Natural Look or Can Darken with Mineral Oil

• Minor Scratches Can be Worked Out Using Mild Sandpaper

• Colors, Patterns & Shading May Vary from Digital Pictures

• This Item is In-Store Pickup Only

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Brand Seconds and Surplus
Dimensions 26" x 110" x 3cm

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