Sparkling Ice 110" Prefabricated Quartz Kitchen Countertop

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These gorgeous 'Sparkling Ice' 110" prefabricated quartz kitchen countertops are a marriage of natural mineral and modern technology and are highly heat, scratch, stain, and impact resistant. Bonded together with polymers, these quartz countertops become a highly durable countertop selection with the sparkling beauty of natural stone and the wherewithal to hold up in the kitchen.

• 25.5"D x 110"W x 3cm

• 3cm Slab Thickness

• Prefabricated Quartz Slab

• Polished Eased Edge

• 91/9 Quartz to Resin Ratio

• Consistent Color, Texture and Pattern

• Stain Resistant

• Durable and Scratch Resistant

• Does Not Require Sealing or Other Routine Maintenance

• This Item is In-Store Pickup Only

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Brand Seconds and Surplus
Dimensions 25.5"D x 110"W x 3cm